Adding Authentication / PrivateRoute / AuthenticatedRoute to CoreUI 3 Router

I have the latest coreui pro version 3.2
I am looking to create a login page and i can’t find correct documentation to how to implement it correctly with the Router (react-router-dom).

Its not clear to me how can i provide authentication ? (I use JWT)
My application is a dashboard and login is required for everything.
How do i set it up ?

I saw some old examples that uses Router.component and Redirect but the latest version is using Router.render to pass the props…

does anyone have good info on that ?
render() {

    return (


          <React.Suspense fallback={loading}>


              <Route exact path="/login" name="Login Page" render={props => <Login {...props}/>} />

              <Route exact path="/register" name="Register Page" render={props => <Register {...props}/>} />

              <Route exact path="/404" name="Page 404" render={props => <Page404 {...props}/>} />

              <Route exact path="/500" name="Page 500" render={props => <Page500 {...props}/>} />

              <Route path="/apps/email" name="Email App" render={props => <TheEmailApp {...props}/>} />

              <Route path="/" name="Home" render={props => <TheLayout {...props}/>} />






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