Change default theme to dark mode Angular(alpha)


I bought the coreUI Pro version. I want to change the default theme to dark. I see that “c-app” is on the body I want to add the “c-dark-theme”. I see in the “default-layout.component.html” a c-body tag. I can’t not find where or how the body gets the class. Thanks.

I found I should do this changing the import of the scss file. This version seems to be difertent from the so I changed : @import “~@coreui/coreui-pro/scss/coreui”; to :
@import “~@coreui/coreui-pro/scss/themes/dark/theme”;

but still not working.

I did this:
export class DefaultLayoutComponent {
//@HostBinding(‘class.c-app’) cAppClass = true;
@HostBinding(‘class’) cAppClass = ‘c-app c-dark-theme’;

Not sure if is the right way but seems to be working.