CoreUI Angular - How it works


I am new to CoreUI and Angular. I want to ask how to make it work. I followed the documentation but I think its only for JQuery. I installed CoreUI through npm and add the css and js in the angular.json and working fine. I also install coreui/angular. My problem is I can’t manipulate it using angular. For example, I want the Accordion collapse to toggle only using angular and not in data attribute (data-toggle=“collapse”) but when I put an [collapse]="!isCollapsed" in the element like:
<div id=“collapse1” class=“collapse” data-parent="#parent" [collapse]="!isCollapsed">

I get an error: Can’t bind to ‘collapse’ since it isn’t a known property of ‘div’.

What I want is in the ts file, I can make:
<button (click)=“onClick()”>

ts file:
// I need to code something here
// If code satisfied then I will toggle the collapse, if not then stay in the current collapse.

I follow the documentation for CoreUI angular and I was redirected to ngx-bootstrap.
Is the CoreUI/CoreUI-angular for design only manipulated by css/jquery/vanilla js?
Do I need to install ngx-boostrap to make the angular part work?

Hope you can help me.


CoreUI for Angular (2.x) based on ngx-bootstrap that’s why we redirect our user to their documentation, but we’re working on our own components library at this moment this project is in the alpha stage. Next month we’re going to release the beta version and completely new documentation.

I see that means I need to install ngx-bootstrap to add angular functionality to CoreUI.
Can you tell me how to install it properly?
Do I need only to install CoreUI latest (3.3.0) and ngx-bootstrap?
How about CoreUI/angular which can be found here Do I need also to install it?

To use CoreUI v3 for Angular you have to install @coreui/angular@next - just keep in mind it is at alpha stage, and there are no public docs at the moment.

Accordion example:

code sample

	<c-accordion-group [isOpen]="false" class="bg-info">
	  <button cButton [color]="'link'" [block]="true" c-accordion-header class="mb-0 p-0 text-dark">
		Toggle item #0
	<c-accordion-group [isOpen]="true" class="bg-primary">
	  <button cButton [color]="'link'" [block]="true" c-accordion-header class="mb-0 p-0 text-light">
		Toggle item #1


    import {
    } from '@coreui/angular';

      imports: [

no need for @coreui/coreui to install? How to set it to my project? I checked the coreui/angular before and there is no dist/css or dist/js folder which I attach to the angular.json

yeah, you have to install @coreui/coreui to get CoreUI styles