Fix from Core UI needed in Core-UI Bootstrap

Hi, I raised an issue under CoreUI where comments were breaking the nav menu, this has been fixed in latest version but I now also am getting the same issue in Core-ui-bootstrap template. Are both projects based on same repo and the fix will get into boostrap version eventually or do i need to raise a seperate issue?
Original issue:



CoreUI Bootstrap Admin Template based on CoreUI Components Library, please check if you have the latest version in package.json, at this moment the latest version of @coreui/coreui is 3.3.0

Thanks this has fixed the issue, I was on the latest version of Core-ui-bootstrap but referencing wrong version of Core UI.

Has anything changed with tooltips? Since changing the version get js error:
Uncaught TypeError: $(…).tooltip is not a function

This is fixed now also needed to put jquery script above coreui

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