How to use async await on coreui?

Hello, everyone
I am trying to coreui-free-vue-admin-template-3.1.4.
I try to use async/await but I got this error message.
What should I do can use async / await?

Error message

vue.esm.js?a026:1897 ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined
    at VueComponent.cddd (Query.vue?5d56:78)
    at VueComponent.mounted (Query.vue?5d56:73)
    at invokeWithErrorHandling (vue.esm.js?a026:1863)
    at callHook (vue.esm.js?a026:4228)
    at Object.insert (vue.esm.js?a026:3148)
    at invokeInsertHook (vue.esm.js?a026:6357)
    at VueComponent.patch [as __patch__] (vue.esm.js?a026:6576)
    at VueComponent.Vue._update (vue.esm.js?a026:3957)
    at VueComponent.updateComponent (vue.esm.js?a026:4069)
    at Watcher.get (vue.esm.js?a026:4488)

This my code

export default {
  name: 'productQuery',
  data () {
    return {
      items:  [],
      collapseDuration: 0
  mounted() {   
  methods: {
    async Test(){
      await console.log("this.Test");

Await is expecting a Promise object

Please read this :

Basically, you will call await from some async function (api, …)

   async demoTest() {
      try {
         const resp = await someAsyncFunction()
         console('Test ... Here it is resolved ... ')
     } catch(error) {
         console.log('Error from Promise rejected' )