Laravel login route is not defined in web.php

Login route is not defined in web.php but route(‘login’) takes me to the Login page of Core UI Laravel Admin Panel. When I run route:list in the terminal the login route is present.
Has anyone else faced this? Where can I find the login route definition and modify it? :thinking:

Thanks in advance :smiley: :+1:

In web.php line “Auth::routes();” adding routes for authentication. You can, for example, remove this line, and write your own routes. You can find more info in laravel documentation:

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Thank you so much :open_mouth: :pray:. I have been breaking my head for weeks but I had no clue as to what was happening and how the login page was being displayed in the first place. I had no clue that Auth:routes() was related to this but now that I think about it, it makes so much sense.

The laravel documentation wasn’t detailed enough. The following article really helped me get through my issue and understand the working even better. It shows the exact location of the route file: