List of scss variables

Where can I find the list of scss variables that can be defined in _variables.scss?


At the end of next week, we will release a new version of our docs, each component will have a section “Customization”

Hi, in you style.scss file you will find coreui styles,
in the version i core ui styles are in app/node_modules/@coreui/coreui/scss/coreui.scss

in that file you will find import for variables, that file is also in the same directory app/node_modules/@coreui/coreui/scss/_variables.scss from here you will see variables imports from app/node_modules/@coreui/coreui/scss/variables/* i believe these are the files that you are looking for, you will find variable names there, you can override those variables in your project’s app/src/assets/src/_variables.scss file

please be advised these file paths are from coreui-vuejs template, if you are using any other these path may differ a little, however usually mostly good editors help you get to imported file by just clicking on the file import statement

in short files in directory app/node_modules/@coreui/coreui/scss/variables/* are most likely the ones you are interested in

i hope that helps