Menu drop-down suddenly not working

My menu drop-downs are suddenly not working. If I hover over them, I get the pound sign. If I click them, it takes me to /#

I also noticed a new error from the as of July 6th:

“uncaught type error: cannot set property ‘constructor’ of undefined”

Anyone else have these issues or a suggestion to fix?

UPDATE: I just noticed the side bar is not collapsing anymore either.

We released CoreUI 4 last week, so you have to update this link

to this

I’m having the same problem. Drop-downs on my site suddenly stopped working and I hit the same uncaught type error. I updated my code to the recommended link above. The uncaught type error is no longer present but drop-downs are still broken. Additionally, I now have the following error in my Javascript console:

Error with Feature-Policy header: Unrecognized feature: ‘speaker’.

Is there something else that I need to do to resolve this?