Query About free Version

Hi All,
Is there any type of restriction if use free version? For Example build in module can stop working?

There is only one “limitation”, you shouldn’t try to build admin templates based on CoreUI and try to sell them on markets like ThemeForest. Some authors tried to do this and their products were rejected, because of our PRO admin templates.

Hi lukasz,

thankyou very much for prividing us with such an awesome admin template, i have just one more question i would like to clarify, i understand what you just said about not using coreui to build own templates and sell them, but (with free version available on coreui website) we are allowed to remove/change footer credits right?


Yes, you can remove the copyright from the footer. As I said before, in the past some authors tried to create admin templates based on CoreUI and sell them on popular markets. All of these templates were rejected or blocked, because the marketplaces like ThemeForest, Wrapbootstrap, etc., allows us to sell only unique templates.