Sidebar Dropdowns dont always work on load

Hey all, wondered if anyone else has come across this issue.
Sometimes on page load the Sidebar nav dropdowns don’t work, no errors are displayed but nothing happens when clicking on them.
It seems like it could be the order I’m loading my scripts as on refresh if the dropdowns don’t work they wont work at all until refreshing the page, and likewise when it does work it will work until refreshing the page.
I’m using .net Core/ Blazor.
js scripts load order:

Thanks for any help, loving the theme so far great work with it

Example of my sidebar code here:

To update: this is caused by signal r, whenever the /signalr/hubs js file is loaded the nav drop downs are intermittent, removing the reference to the file fixes the issue. I havnt found a solution to get the dropdowns working with signal r yet

I saw your post on GitHub as well and dropped a message requesting a working minimal example of your working code, I still have the same issue and I am not using signalr at all. My rander mode is Server I am using coreui 3.3.0 on Blazor.

Thanks in anticipation for help.

HI @aquariens, after thorough testing the dropdowns worked 99% of the time without signal r, still occasionally doesn’t work on refresh, I have sample code here for a basic dropdown that is working.

Strangely I found (even with signal r) that if you open any link on the site in a new tab, and wait for the tab to fully load before changing to it it worked 100% of the time. I have sinced moved away from this library as much as I liked it we couldnt get the implementation working with Signal r and even the 1% of time dropdowns not working is not reliable for our needs.

Hope this helps