Template links are wrong address sometimes

Maybe this is not important but i think you can fix soon. :grin:
See image:

Because i can not post more than 2 links so temporary call “coreui.io” is “{your site}”

  1. Demo of free templates (3.4.0 and 3.4.0/rtl)
    “docs” link is wrong (almost controls)
  • Sample: {your site}/demo/free/3.4.0/buttons/buttons.html
  • Your REAL link of docs is
    {your site}/docs/components/bootstrap/dropdowns/
  • But docs link to
    {your site}/docs/components/bootstrap-dropdowns/
  1. Docs link breadcrumb
  • Sample: {your site}/docs/components/bootstrap/button-group/
  • Home links to {your site}/3.2/ does not exist.
  • Bootstrap links to {your site}/docs/3.2/bootstrap does not exist.

We will fix it. Thanks.