Unable to filter nested objects in CDataTable

I am using coreui v3.0 … Trying to filter nested column but unable to do so. How can I filter productName column?

  1. If you are trying to fetch data from API (Server) then mention external and lazy true and onCHange make an API call and update the state which will reflect to your table. If you want to achieve this, onchange gives you a callback with columnName and value which you can use to make an API call.

  2. If it’s not an external search you can directly achieve this by just typing in the filter column which you have but for the same in fields column you will have to make filter: true for whichever column you are trying to achieve filter.

Attaching example below:-
This can be in your case
const fields = [
{ key: “productName”, label: “Product Name” , sorter : false, filter : true},
{ key: “updatedAt”, label: “Last updated on”, sorter: true, filter: true },

If this doesn’t work then share the code in more detail and also what is output you getting.

Hope this will help you!!