[Vuejs]CMultiSelect bind selected to variable

I’am a bit confused with this component :
How to bind selected values from CMultiSelect PRO component to a Vue array data variable ?
here is my code

   optionsEmptyPlaceholder="No result"

data() {
   return {
     columnsSelected:['id', 'title'],
        {text: "ID", value: "id", visible:true,  width:"1.5rem"},
        {text: "Subject", value:"title", width:"4rem", visible:true},
        {text: "Description", value:"description", width:"5rem", visible:false},

I’am expecting the ‘columnsSelected’ to be populated from the CMultiSelect
Basically, when I add / remove items from the list,
I expect the the columnsSelected to be updated

Am I missing something ?

Answering my own question:
This can be achieved with regular parent / child communication :


And watch in the component :

methods: {
     this.columnsSelected =  selectedItems;

Just Works[TM]