Where is Typescript

Hi there -
I just downloaded the free CoreUI and did a yarn install and yarn serve and it is running ok but why doesn’t it support Typescript ‘out of the box’?
I don’t really want to add and configure it myself…

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Hi Emily,

CoreUI Free Vue.js Admin Template based on plain JavaScript, not Typescript.

How about reactJS? I need template with TS.
Do you have CoreUl 4 PRO React Admin Template TS? (not starter)

Ah, one more question, v4 is ready to use? with ts?

CoreUI 4 Library for React.js based on TypeScript. This month we’re going to release a final version of Library and Admin Templates, and then TypeScript starter will be available.

Any estimate for when v4 TS Starter will be available?

TS Starter is available to download - Download · CoreUI